aboutVet to Vet was founded in 1994. Just before Christmas of that year, Jess and Peggy Johnson wanting to reach out to local disabled veterans in distributed hamburgers and coffee thermoses to 24 patients at the Dallas VA Hospital.

This generosity was warmly received by the Veterans and the effort a great success. After this event the Johnson’s soon realized they lacked additional supplies to provide gifts to each of the hundreds of patients they discovered were housed in transitional care unit. With this, they returned the next day with gifts and support for all of them! In the years since , they have expanded their operation to include:

Bonham |  Waco | Temple | Dallas – VA hospitals

Vet to Vet now provides 4,000 gifts to over 1,600 patients each Christmas, as well as hosting events , bingo games and barbecues throughout the year.

Vet to Vet hosts fundraisers that support Texas VA hospitals and plan to open chapters in all 162 VA hospitals across the country.

Additionally, the organization plans to build homes on land near VA hospitals that will accommodate veterans and their families free of charge during their rehabilitation.

PTSD Support Therapy - Vet to Vet has also committed to the education of our US Combat Veterans and their Friends and Family about the benefits of “Essential Oils” utilized in therapy. Visit THE COMMAND for more information

“Project Phoenix Ranch” – Vet to Vet is committed to supporting transition and training of US Combat Veterans as they leave the “war theater” and wish to enter the private sector.   Phoenix Ranch is being planned as a BASE to train Veterans in practical Agricultural Business (Including Farming and Ranching)

Founder; James W. “Jess” Johnson served as a US Army combat medic in the Vietnam War and as a US Army Reserve weapons specialist and instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center before retiring in 1999.