VET TO VET – Our Mission:

VET to VET began with its primary mission to assist disabled veterans in transitional care at VA hospitals. We have since expanded our focus to address other veteran support initiatives. 

 VET to VET USA is committed to building and managing of  practical Life-Skills ; Training, Support, and Educational Programs. Not limited to and Including: Vocational Training, (Including Technical and Agricultural)  Educational Programs & Events, Entrepreneurial & Business Training, Home / Land Ownership Consultation, PTSD Support Therapy Programs, (The Command) www.TheCommand.US,   Disabled & Homeless Veteran Support Services.

 Introduction Video Vet to Vet : Jess Johnson





Bonham VA Hospital  – Tuesday Dec. 22nd 

Dallas VA Hospital  – Wednesday Dec. 23nd 

Waco VA Hospital  – Thursday Dec. 24th

NOTE:  No Food will Be needed this year

To donate NEW clothing for the Vet to Vet 2015 Mission

Contact: Jess Johnson

(214) 727.9854


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